Codename Eagle tools

Get CE Launcher

CE Launcher

Binds the cneagle:// protocol which allows you to start Codename Eagle and connect directly to a server from a website, an instant message or similar. Links are in the format cneagle://<ip>:<port> - for more information and usage instructions, check the CE Launcher page.
Author: Espen 'Rexxars' Hovlandsdal

Get StartUpz


StartUpz is an all-around tool for a professional player or newbie.
It enables you to do tasks easier, faster and better. Think of StartUpz as an additional AutoRun menu for Codename Eagle.
Author: BiTSHiFTERS SDC / Spy98

Get Log Replay Tool

Log Replay Tool

This is a small program that will playback a recorded CE multiplayer game in a in 2D map. This program only works for the official CE multiplayer maps (unmodified). More information on how to use it can be found on Dafoosa's blog.
Author: Dafoosa