Hosting Codename Eagle games


If you want to host a regular game where you can play and others can join,
all you need to do is make sure the appropriate ports are open and use
the ingame menu to host.

Should you however want to host a dedicated server which runs in the
background and lets other people join, you will have to launch it differently.

Dedicated server

Hosting a dedicated server for Codename Eagle is fairly simple:
"C:\Program Files\Take2\Codename Eagle\ce.exe" +host +dedicated +hostname "<Game Name>" +maxplayers <num> +map "<Map Name>" +game "<GameType>" Obviously, use your Codename Eagle installation directory.

The "maxplayers" option must be set to the maximum number of players
you want to be able to join + 1 (the server itself counts as one), so for
an 8-player server, use 9.

The "game" option can be either "ctf", "deathmatch" or "teamplay"
(CTF being Capture The Flag).


Codename Eagle uses the following ports:

  • 24711 (UDP) - For actual gameplay.
  • 4711 (UDP) - Query port for Gamespy (required for Gamespy to list your server).

Unfortunately, there is no way you can change these ports.