Console commands

To bring up the console, press the console button (F12 from Codename Eagle 1.33 and upwards).

Server commands

scorelimit <num>
Ends the game when a player/team has reached the set score.
fraglimit <num>
Ends the game when a player/team has reached the set amount of frags (kills).
timelimit <num>
Ends the game when the specified amount of time has passed.
map <mapname>
Changes the map to the specified one.
nextmap <on/off>
Cycles through maps after game ends.
kick <player>
Kicks the player from the game.

Client commands

mousesens <num>
Specifies mouse sensitivity (from 1 to 13, where 8 is default).
Join the other team (good for balancing games).
After 10 seconds, you will die at a 4 death penalty score (use when stuck).
viewdist <num>
Changes how far you can see (from 100 to 2000 (higher in 1.43)).
fov <num>
Field of view (from 100 to 500 (higher in 1.43), where 200 is default).
fr <on/off>
Switches frame rate display on or off.
connect <ip>
Connects to the game at the specified IP-address.

Network commands

Displays the round-trip time for a packet to reach the server and get back to you.
latency <0 - 16>
Force delayed packets.
nettest <on/off>
Displays info on the connection, packetloss in percent.
netstat <on/off>
Shows extended info on the connection.
maxresend <1-40>
Tells the server how many old packets that should be "piggy-backed" to every new packet. Use a high value if joining players are experiencing much packetloss.
maxdup <0-4
Tells the server the maximum number of packets that are sent to each player during packetloss. Default value: 2.