In simple terms, Codename Eagle is a gem of a game, providing hours and hours of multiplayer fun. While the singleplayer campaign might not be a pinnacle of storytelling, it does provide plenty of fun, although not reaching the epic level that the multiplayer provides.

It's a mix of the Battlefield game franchise and more classical deathmatch style games. There are no specific infantry classes, you simply run around, pick up weapons and armour, hop into a plane or a tank and head for the enemy base to grab their flag or simply frag.

It's hard to explain exactly what makes it so brilliant, so I suggest you take a look at some videos or try the demos. I especially urge you to download the multiplayer demo and give it a go with some friends over a LAN game.

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Codename Eagle is a computer game developed by Stockholm-based studio Refraction Games and was released in November 1999. Refraction Games later merged with EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and developed Battlefield 1942.

The game is set in an alternate timeline, centered around events in Russia in 1917. World War I has not happened, Germany has not yet become involved with the other world powers, and instead Russia's expanding war machine threatens to throw the continent into a bloody war. The other European powers are allied against the invasion. You take control of "Red", an operative of the secret organization "Shadow Command". The goal is to uncover the Tsar's plans for Europe, using whatever means to demolish the Russian war machine from within.

Codename Eagle features vehicle and first-person shooter game play.

In Codename Eagle's multiplayer mode players can battle in one of three modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

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