Codename Eagle demos

Unofficial Multiplayer Demo (v1.43)

Multiplayer demo v1.43 (57.0MB)

This is an unofficial version of the official multiplayer demo, containing Dafoosa's unofficial 1.43 patch, more maps (Fortress, amongst others) and the textures needed for those maps (hence the larger filesize). I'd give credit to whoever made it, but I don't know who did.

Singleplayer demo (33.4MB)

Official Singleplayer Demo

The official singleplayer demo - a fully featured version of "Ghost Rockets", a single player mission from the final game. Version 1.12.

Official Multiplayer Demo (v1.33)

Multiplayer demo v1.33 (31.3MB)

The official multiplayer demo, version 1.33. Contains the "No mans land" map. Note that this version is rarely ever played anymore - you might have better luck joining servers with the unofficial demo.