Codename Eagle story

It is 1917 and the powerful Tsar of Russia has been assassinated in his palace. His son, Pietre, steps forth to take the helm of the vast Russian Empire. Power-hungry and eager to display his might, the young prince turns his nation into the ultimate war machine. With overwhelming speed, Russia's forces storm through her neighbors and stand poised to conquer the world.

After years of bloodshed and desperate to forestall total annihilation, the remaining free nations of the world form an alliance aimed at stopping the new Russian superpower...with you as its best hope for success.

Welcome to the world of Codename Eagle™, a light-hearted romp through a parallel universe where Russia is the reigning nation of the world. You are Red, a member of the "Shadow Command", an elite commando unit assigned to halt Pietre's treachery. Succeed and you will be the world's savior; fail, and the planet will plunge into the chaos of world war.

From high-flying dogfights in bi-planes to fighting packs of vicious feral wolves, Codename Eagle™ is a fun-filled journey through an alternate 1920's Russia. Take out corrupt Russian officials, slip your getaway ship between the Tsar's battle cruisers, or crash your truck through electrified fences to make your escape. And don't forget the locals who are always ready to offer a helping hand...or a spare bottle of vodka! Who says history has to be boring?