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CE Launcher

Codename Eagle Launcher is a small application made to handle the cneagle:// protocol. This allows you to click a link to join a Codename Eagle server, such as the ones on the servers page.

It's made by me, Espen 'Rexxars' Hovlandsdal in an effort to make Codename Eagle more accessible. I personally find the whole Gamespy experience a pain in the ass, so instead I decided to grab the server list and make them available here at CE Nation.

CE Launcher is open-source - the source is packaged with the program. It's written in very few lines of C# code. I made it open source because I didn't want anyone to doubt it's intentions. It doesn't do anything fancy, it doesn't do anything scary. It just launches Codename Eagle.


  1. Download it, install it.
  2. Try it out - does it start Codename Eagle?
    • Yes, it starts CE: Cool. You're good to go.
    • No, I get an error message: Ok, proceed to step 3.
  3. Find your CE Launcher installation directory and open location.txt in your favourite text editor. Notepad, or whatever. Now simply fill in the location of your Codename Eagle installation directory; For example: C:\Program Files\Codename Eagle\ - now save the file and try again :-)

Questions and answers

  1. Why is the CE Launcher installation writing to my registry?
    The installation program binds the cneagle:// protocol to CE Launcher at the installed location.
  2. Why does CE Launcher require an installer?
    Simply to bind the cneagle:// protocol to the CE Launcher application.
  3. How does CE Launcher determine where Codename Eagle is installed?
    It first attempts to find a registry key with the location, if that fails, it will use the first line of location.txt to determine where to look.
  4. Where can I get the source?
    It's packaged with the application, but it's also available here.